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Control Group
Took a placebo
on the gazebo.
Watched all the trees grow
into their seeds,
sow fields with great ease, just
like a disease, just
doing their thing,
justifiably nerve-wracking
panic ensues me,
pursues me, subdues me.
Perusing my thoughts
and I'm not absolutely
sure if I'm really
in the control group.
Not sure I'm really
in the control group.
I can't remember.
I can remember,
remember the time when--
when I was ninety-
nine percent certain
I could remember
staring at trees,
though it seems
that the leaves
have turned greener
and greener,
and now they're receding
to ashes to ashes,
to dust through the centuries.
Exiting, entering history endlessly.
Tongues are growing out of the ground.
They are growing out of the ground.
The dirt, it curls like lips around them.
I'm certain
This wasn't the control group now.
How long will it last and
how much time is past? It says
10 after 10 after 10
on my watch, it's been
hours and hours
and hours and hours
and hours and hours
and hours and hours.
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Ecstasy and heroin,
LSD and Vicodin:
these are things that
fuck you up.
But nothing hits
quite like your love.
I'm addicted to you, girl.
Kiss me and my life unfurls.
Here I'm shivering in the street,
waiting for our eyes to meet.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
PCP, adrenaline,
2C-B and Ritalin:
with these my inner thoughts unscrew,
but nothing could compare to you.
I'm insane when you are near.
I'm insane without you, dear.
I'm insane no matter what.
All I know's I need your love.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
yeah, yeah.
There's a party in my mouth.
There's a party way down south.
There's a part of me that wants
to hold you 'til the sun comes up.
I'm addicted to you, girl.
Kiss me and my life unfurls.
Here I'm shivering in the street,
waiting for our eyes to meet.
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Heaven's Gate lyrics
Here we are at Heaven's Gate.
Not the cult.
The other place.
Where cables coil
like rattlesnakes
and slither neatly
into bins.
Where sibilance
does not exist,
our lives and headroom
Where fame has finally
met with fate.
They dance inside of
Heaven's Gate.
(Alone, alone, alone)
Here we are where our ideas
shape themselves
in manuscripts.
As easily
as blood, they flow,
and capture our immortal souls.
The pages float
to gentle hands,
to eyes that seem
to understand.
So perfectly,
the words translate
from heart to heart
past heaven's gate.
(Alone, alone, alone)
Here deadlines and
ambitions drift
away with our
old medicine.
No longer
can our bodies ache.
We toil not,
nor do we spin.
The stress will wither
'round our brains.
We won't burn out
or fade away.
But like the sun, we'll radiate
if we'll make it there to
heaven's gate.
(Alone, alone, alone)
(Alone, alone, alone)
(Alone, alone, alone)
(Alone, alone, alone)
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Say You Love Me
See the world spinning?
Still our heartbeats keep their time.
The start of new beginnings.
The stars in our eyes realign.
say you love me.
Say it's true
that you'll still be here for me
as I'm here for you.
Say your lovely
smile won't fade,
and 'til my dying breath, I'll know
I can say the same.
Happy ever-after.
We'll rewrite the Book of Love,
and let our joyous laughter
carry us to skies above.
say you love me.
Say you're here
for me still,
though either way,
I am always here,
please forgive me.
What I've done
wasn't meant to hurt you so,
or hurt anyone.
See, the air is thinning.
We'll ascend like angels to
where hours lose their meaning.
You'll find me through the haze,
and then you'll
say you love me
once again.
Hand in hand, and heart to heart.
Eye to eye. Friend to friend.
Say those words
and time itself will mend.
Let a bittersweet surrender
mark the sweetest end.
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At the gates.
Greasy corduroy and ketchup stains,
he waits in line to call my name.
I know all that he'll want to know
is if his sister took him home.
And I will hold his hands, and tell
him he is sitting on a shelf.
His family's not the same today.
And that is all we'll have to say.
I know the worst thing that he's done
was Monday at four-thirty-one.
His mother's not the same today.
She picked the urn, and walked away.
experimenting with dad's gun
a twisted thought had crossed his mind.
And when his sister finally dies,
the only thing she'll ask is "why?"
and I will hold her hands, and tell
her after twenty years of hell,
my answers couldn't make her sane.
Her brother's not the same today.
He's crawling on his hands and knees
nearby, afraid their eyes will meet.
"I'm sorry," that old voice will say.
She'll pick him up, and walk away.
Greasy corduroy and ketchup stains...
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Swallowed By The Earth
I wish that I could help you,
but I've been swallowed by the earth,
and if I make it out alive
I'll crawl right back to where I came from,
to the tomb that I have made,
on bloody scabs without my fingernails
if that's what it'll take to get back
there. There.
Don't mourn that I am gone.
Please carry on with your life, I'm fine.
Every piece exchanged
in heart-to-hearts with strangers
feels uneven. I'm just guarding what
fragments are still mine.
I wish I was sane.
I wish I was built like you.
So sane. So whole.
If I could strangle inhibitions
long enough to reach the phone,
then I could see another doctor,
call forgotten friends.
Let them know that I'm alone.
Yet right now, that's the goal.
The apartment walls are too thin,
too thin.
And I can hear the call
to venture down the hall,
lead to my doom.
Well, I'm not moving here.
I'm not moving from this spot.
In twenty years, an excavation
through the dust I never cleaned,
and if they make it in alive
they'll find my mummified remai
:iconniedec:niedec 2 0
Lest We Forget
Though you wear the years quite well,
I can see through the cracks in your smile.
The timid person that lurks underneath,
I have to wonder: does she still dream?
If you are
the same person you were before.
Why the facade?
Is it to better relate with my own?
People you barely recall
from your memories appear in your dreams.
They whisper sentiments across the years.
I've heard you singing to them in your sleep.
If we are
the same people we were before,
why the facade?
Why must we hide what is already known?
As perfume carried on wind,
Love envelops but soon disappears.
Still it lingers there in our thoughts,
and only with us could it part.
If you are
The same person you were before,
why the facade?
Could you ever relate with my own?
:iconniedec:niedec 2 0
Tabula Rasa: A Wacom Tablet Fan-Fiction
History: In case you don't know, I own a seven-year-old drawing tablet. It's a Wacom Graphire 4. At the time, there were three tiers of tablet: the Graphire, the sleeker Intuos, and these Cintiq things which are like draw-on-able computer monitors for rich kids and Pixar employees.
So Wacom was doing well. Really well. Everyone loved and adored the clean, shiny faces at Wacom. It went to their head. Prices for tablets went up. Software was discontinued. Versions came and went with no apparent difference. They were seen as less kind, but far more successful. Their meager facilities and workplace attire grew more lavish, their home lives more and more distant. The name was the Industry Standard. Men offered cigars and women their loins to prominent Wacom engineers.
 It is around here that our CEO grew obscene. He devised patents on inductive pen coils. From then on, all competition (should there be any) could not use a cordless pen without hav
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Poor decisions by niedec Poor decisions :iconniedec:niedec 3 2
Lincoln, Nebraska
When we die we all go to the same place:
Lincoln, Nebraska.
And there’s nothing to do.
No, there’s nothing to do.
We’ll all do each other just for something to do
in Lincoln, Nebraska.
The size of the universe is very big
(it’s very big),
but even the universe isn’t infinite.
At the end of the universe
is Lincoln, Nebraska,
but bigger.
Much, much bigger.
What drives a man to kill?
What keeps a good woman honest?
What is madness?
Can it fit in your hands?
Ask these aloud
throw a dart at a board,
and chances are good it’ll land,
yes, that’s right,
in Lincoln Nebraska.
When we die, we all go to the same place.
And there’s nothing to do.
No, there's nothing to do.
There's nothing to do.
There's nothing to do...
:iconniedec:niedec 1 0
Fall (lyrics)
I'm waiting...
I'm waiting...
for the apology you owe us,
for the ocean of your grief
that you had forced us all to swim through
as you drowned in misery.
And when we pulled you from the wreckage
of your life and gave you air,
somehow you dove back to the water
without a sound, without a care.
One day we'll get the call
that you're not with us anymore,
and I refuse to be left wondering
which of us had slammed the door.
Oh, when the leaves
finally change,
will you make a change, too?
Or when they fall
will you fall along with them?
I'm hating
every minute
that silence builds a wall between us,
how it robs our memory.
The drugs and alcohol aren't helping,
but the distance disagrees.
Ah, those pills became your family.
Our genetics are to blame.
Although you listen more to them,
you love and hate them just the same.
One day, I'll probably join you.
I have walked that road before.
Another cautionary tale
another friend can soon ignore.
Oh, when the leaves
finally change,
will you make a ch
:iconniedec:niedec 1 2


Take it all in.
If you can't swim then float.
Lay back, let the sun bless your face
Let the water soothe your skin.
Take it all in.
:iconniesizzle:Niesizzle 1 0
Overshadowed By Sth That Has Lifted Off
Bored driving out to the garden center,
nothing much in mind, just stepping in.
The warning sign says: take care poison insects!
Yeah I won´t touch any plant!
As I reach the forecourt, the light dimms
even greener people seem to yammer.
Ooooh, oooh, noooo jfc
I´d rather listen to birds, sing.
But there aren´t any birds noticable
If anything, every creature there
starts that spooky noise, green hair growing outta their heads,
no matter, I cannot breath anymore.
A slight, really slight panic attack gets me,
the spider web sounds loudly.
What´s happening there? Can´t look straight.
Fear and hate and sullenness take full effect.
Strange forbidden phantasies of the plants,
do not exist at all!
I say to myself: well guys, read your own minds.
The noise of a breaking blue glas-bird on a stab.
:iconredsterfish:Redsterfish 1 0
Somoking Dope Passively?
Missoury makes me think of
having a party
Kelly was there
and anyone else.
Heavy and spicy clouds
wuthering in the air
putting the seats
to where they belong to.
Announcements are to be made
the view is a little disturbed
by depressed parents
who live further in phantasy.
Of a so called free thought
only purpose of course
is though making lost guys
even, even and even.
The blob is humming
in it´s own space
nobody popping out
falling is to painfull.
The working ants
and the new boss
will always
give out about.
The spider web
is too dense
not a single one
will escape unharmed.
Cause thoughts and landlords
do agree it´s just fine
doing the work
everyone is supposed to do.
When will the prophecy
be filled in?
The spider is just glad
to turn into extasy!
:iconredsterfish:Redsterfish 1 0
Daily Lit Recognition for May 1st 2015
Daily Lit Recognition for May 1st, 2015
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Featured by: AyeAye12

"Blood Parade" by :devniedic:
A haunting narrative piece with very personal ties to the author.
Featured by: moonkata84

Thought Sketch 30 by C1nderellaMan
Simple and beautiful.
Featured by doodlerTM

My Sister's Dolls by SurrealNacre
A p
:icondailylitrecognition:DailyLitRecognition 11 6
fresh baguettes and used cigarettes ~a sestina~
Scene setting: the Paris Hotel, as I fold
the corner of a page from my Brit Lit
textbook -- story of a boy with French
lips & a Japanese heart.  god, how I miss
his Spanish smile; each dimple, a match-
ing tattoo.   Twice,  he touched my hand
with his heaven-sewn skin.  On the other hand,
my bare body lay on a hotel bed.  Alone.  I fold
my mannequin skeleton like origami   to match
the paper cranes swimming in his Neon eyes, lit
like European stars—Oh, Nostalgia.  how I miss
getting Lost in those foreign eyes during French
class.  Lust in translation.  Lost in a faux-French
Fantasyland.  I want to hold his shivering hand.
Kiss him atop this Eiffel replica.  Alas!  I missed
my chance for our Souls to tango—crashing into the fold
of his hips.  I'm not fluent in body language or candlelit
cuisines or Romance. I can't even strike a
:iconchloroformboy:ChloroformBoy 127 86
XVI page 07 by synthezoide XVI page 07 :iconsynthezoide:synthezoide 1,106 57 portrait again by Mezamero portrait again :iconmezamero:Mezamero 6,740 252
Nervous Movement
You're a dime a dozen in a sea of billions.
Individuality has no significance in numbers so vast.
And while this fact may make looking forward hard
we can't keep living in the past.
You're a nervous movement in a freeze frame scene.
Steady hands won't help hold up such a fragile act.
And while you take your time keeping character
you fake what you can't take back.
With nothing more than a thought we form our actions
and this is where we extinguish the lie they tried to invent.
The lie that we painted our lives without passion
well conclusions are useless with no attempt to commence.
You're a song I can't name stuck in my head.
I've  listened to you before and probably will again.
And while I can hum the melody all day long waiting
for it to hit me I still won't know where you've been.
You're a gust that has never changed direction.
Nothing can touch you you're only felt as you brush skin.
And while you can't be stopped nothing lasts
nothing can escape an end and that includes the
:iconjoeyws91:joeyws91 157 44
Prayers for Rain by MarcoMazzoniArt Prayers for Rain :iconmarcomazzoniart:MarcoMazzoniArt 1,168 42 Dump Truck Sunset by steverankin Dump Truck Sunset :iconsteverankin:steverankin 856 47 Lonely Rain by BaxiaArt Lonely Rain :iconbaxiaart:BaxiaArt 3,118 139 Cold hands by LiigaKlavina Cold hands :iconliigaklavina:LiigaKlavina 5,427 239 The friends of little Eva by astarot1111 The friends of little Eva :iconastarot1111:astarot1111 8 5 aeternus II by the-infinite-opi aeternus II :iconthe-infinite-opi:the-infinite-opi 441 50 Hunters in water by Meljona Hunters in water :iconmeljona:Meljona 167 93 Giant ant biting me - ouch! by orionmystery Giant ant biting me - ouch! :iconorionmystery:orionmystery 1,371 306
Hi there. Not much to say right now. 

Just noticed that I've received 945 llamas, and really want to get to 1,000. 

Also, I wish I had more art to post. I've been making art constantly, but it's mostly been related to music. I'll have to get back to poems and visual art, so you can have a few more things to stare at/possibly enjoy. 

Hope all is well with everyone. If not, I hope it gets there soon. 


  • Listening to: Not much
  • Reading: Not much
  • Watching: Bob's Burgers, FLCL (again)
  • Playing: Earthbound (again)
  • Eating: Not much
  • Drinking: Diet Pepsi (again)


Caleb Niederer
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Seattle
Favourite genre of music: Anything, but I'm a huge fan of singer/songwriters.
Favourite photographer: Gordon Parks, Andreas Gursky, Thomas Barbey, Anne Leibovitz (or however it's spelled) and Alfred Stieglitz.
Favourite style of art: oils, acryllic, pop-art, surrealism, imagism (writing) and anime.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iTunes and iPod
Shell of choice: The kinds those turtles wear...0_o
Wallpaper of choice: Floral
Skin of choice: my girlfriend's. But she wears it much better than I would, so it's best that she keeps it.
Favourite cartoon character: Excel from Excel Saga and Kakashi from Naruto
Personal Quote: "Skydiving is the only sport where you're penalized for sticking the landing."


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